Sunday, February 19, 2012


Have you missed us? Sorry about that, weve been busy and blogging just hasn't been a prority. I swear if my daughter napped more than 30 minutes a day I would blog more...maybe. I want you to meet Jalia (pronounced JA-LIE-AH), that's what Ryder has named himself when he's working. He builds houses and cabinets. That's his job! On the way home from work he goes to the gym...just so you know.  He has a ton of different names and personalities he goes by. Quite the imagination.  I'm so blessed to be at home and see my babies develop into little people.

 Mess free painting. Thanks Pinterest!

 Playing with dry beans, pasta and containers. Who knew this would keep them busy for an hour. No fighting even.
 Sharing a snack
 My neighbor gave us a bouncer and the kids love it!
 Our boy has become quite the bowler. He got his first strike this day. He chucks the ball so hard I'm waiting for him to go flyng down the lane with it.
 And sis is his biggest fan!
 Enjoying the winter sunshine!

I realized it looks like my kids are always in pajamas. These picture we taken in the morning before I got my act together. Don't judge, you have days like that too! Right???

Also my spell check isn't working and spelling isn't my strong suit! So cut some slack if there are errors.

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