Thursday, August 2, 2012

Starting Where I Left Off

The crappy blogger is back! So I've been kinda busy. Quick summary... In March Danny moved to Arizona and I played "single mom" no fun I might add. He did fly home on the weekends, so I was only a "single mom" for 5 1/2 days a week. The family and I moved in May. We got unpacked and settled (thank you to my mom) then Ryder got really sick. So from the end of May-mid June he was hospitalized 3 times. (I will fill you in on the details later) Then we had 2 weeks of company (and help), the day they left we went to the river for 4 days. After that the kids and I went to Cali. for 10 days and got back a week ago. So to sum it up, that's why I haven't blogged. But I'm back, kind of, I think!

Rewind to April....Danny flew home to celebrate his birthday along with a going away party. Tons of fun with lots of people we love!

We couldn't end the night without playing poker wearing silly hats. And guess who took $250 from her friends, me, the hostess!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Easter was so much fun this year now that both kids are super into celebrating holidays! Regan loved looking for "balls" as she would say when she found eggs. The weather was so beautiful, it was a perfect weekend. It started off right Thursday night when I got a call that someone found Sid. Then Friday I picked up Danny from the airport after being gone for 5 days. The rest of the weekend was just making memories! We love the weekends because Daddy flies home for 44 hours.

Look mom a ball

Best picture I could get of both kids


Best we could do for a family picture, pathetic


Ryder really enjoyed coloring eggs

and Regan wanted to destroy them

Looks like an angel, she's not!

my favorite boys

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Help From My Local Corona Friends

HELP!!! OUR FIRST BORN IS MISSING!!! Last night I was bringing in our house plants that I had taken out earlier to water and Sid must of snuck out unnoticed. He left at 8pm and was out in the cold rain all night I'm guessing. The shelter is closed until Tuesday. I've posted 30 posters around town, posted on Craigslist and a few national websites. If you hear that anyone has found a dog, please ask questions and help us bring him home. Our house has been turned upside down.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We bought a casa!!!

We bought a house and I can't wait to make it our home!! It wasn't the one I showed you in the prior pictures, IT'S EVEN BETTER! This home was the 1st one we walked through when we went house hunting. Danny said right away "it's the most expensive, it's too big and  it's going to be too expensive for electricity in the summer." I was sad because it was love at first sight for me. The floor plan is amazing, my first thoughts were "this is the perfect entertaining house, even thought we will need to make friends in order to entertain, but soon enough." It's 4 bedrooms with a gigantic play room for the kids, a huge great room and a formal dining room that will have a pool table since the nook is large enough to seat 8. The great room has large windows that look into the majority of the backyard, which we hope to build a pool by next summer. It has a pantry (which I don't have now) and a laundry room large enough to fold and hang dry all of our clothes in it. (Danny's pet peeve is having clothes hang drying around the house) The closet is larger than my children's bedrooms currently. MY DREAM! Also has a courtyard between the front yard and front door that has 2 sliders, one from the play room, and one where we will eventually have a pool table that open up into the courtyard. It is also right behind the kids elementary school so we can walk. I looked at the schools ratings and they are 8's where the kids will go which is necessary! Back to Friday, we were going to make an offer on the other house and this one was still available. I talked to Danny about all the pros of this house over the other. And I got my way, we bought it. I don't want to sound like a spoiled brat because that's not how it went down. It wasn't a huge price difference each month and he is ecstatic about it now. We close escrow the first week of May. It's not finished being built but it will be in the next few weeks. I'm so grateful for Danny who works so hard to give the kids and I such an amazing life and I will continue to support him where ever his job takes us! As long as I'm with my little family I could live pretty much any where in the world.
It's been painted since we last saw it. Our realtor sent these to us.

Kitchen as of Friday

Front before paint

Pool table after the rest of the house is done

Great room

Looking from nook into great room

Part of the M.B.

Part of the closet

The other half of the closet. I know your going to jealous Genn and Val.

Part of the courtyard before it was painted.

Our address.

We will get an iron gate like this to lock out so the kids can play in the courtyard.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Big News Revealed

First off, I LOVE my car! The navigation is smarter than me, it's  faster than I need with almost the same horsepower as the suburban with half the weight and I love the pearly white with windows that are way too dark. The Big NEWS... RELOCATING THE FAM TO ARIZONA. I'm excited to say it! My wonderful, hard working husband (who is bored with job) was given a promotion with the company he has been working for, for almost 15 years. It will be a huge opportunity for him and as a stay-at-home mom I am blessed to have the job I do and I'm ecstatic to support him in his dreams! To me HOME is wherever my husband and kids are, I will be happy anywhere. Things are happening for a reason apparently. We had a few people interested in our house that we knew, they wanted first dibs before it went on the market. Before we put it on, the first person that saw it, wanted it. This happened last week, and we open escrow this week . We already found a house in Arizona. We actually found a few, Mesa/Gilbert area, brand new, currently being built. So hopefully they are still available next week once our house opens escrow. I found quite a few dream homes!!! I will be happy with any of them!  They are 3000 sqft single stories with a 3 car garage on 1/3 acre. SOLD! We will have plenty of room for visitors, so book your calender! Sneak peek at one of the houses we love, hopefully the one we get! Check out how blue the sky is, no smog.

the view across the street

                                                                        Keep your fingers crossed that we get this house!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Big News Coming Soon...

Big life changes are happening in our house that will forever change our lives. A small one is we sold the suburban (I loved that car) last night and I'm getting a new car tomorrow. Yes a car, no more SUV's for us. We are glad to have gotten rid of it before gas hits $5.00 a gallon. It's sad when $100 doesn't come close to  filling your tank.  Here's a pic of the new ride. It's fits my double BOB stroller, that was a requirement and navigation since I'm always lost. The gas mileage is over double of that the suburb was. It has a turbo engine and I'm looking forward to having something speedy. So stay tuned for some big news that I will share on Monday. Have a great weekend.

My new Love...CrossFIT

So I've always LOVED to workout and I'm constantly challenging myself physically. Well I have found my match! CrossFIT...I've always considered myself to be "fit" prior to CrossFIT. I've ran half marathons, done a sprint distance triathlon, I've always lifted and taken gym classes. I've since learned I wasn't so fit after all. I could run, but not fast. I could not do a pull up, I was lucky to do 8 real push ups. In two short months I've gotten stronger and faster than I've ever been in my life. I do olympic lifting, I can do a fair amount of pull ups, I can effortlessly do 30 push ups with my chest hitting the ground, I now walk on my hands and can squat close to my body weight. My body and mind are challenged daily and I never get board! The people I work out with are amazing, encouraging and wonderful to be around. I look forward to each workout to see what type of pain and suffering I will endure. I love my second family at CrossFIT Proper!

Working Backward...Danny's race

I'm so proud of Danny! A few months ago he decided he wanted to run his 1st half marathon in our old stomping ground of Huntington Beach. I made him a training schedule and he followed it to a tee. He was running a few days a week at 4:15 a.m. so he could still lift weights after work and still be home by dinner. His dedication to his early morning runs at a chilly 39' was inspiring! Danny had a huge goal in mind when he set his time total to break 2 hrs. That's a really quick pace for a first race especially when you have over 15,000 people running and your constantly weaving through crowds of walkers. He finished in an amazing 2:01:26. He was really disappointed by his time but I though he ran a fantastic race. I ran the first few miles and the last few miles with him to pace set him. I'm so happy he loves running now as much as I do!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Have you missed us? Sorry about that, weve been busy and blogging just hasn't been a prority. I swear if my daughter napped more than 30 minutes a day I would blog more...maybe. I want you to meet Jalia (pronounced JA-LIE-AH), that's what Ryder has named himself when he's working. He builds houses and cabinets. That's his job! On the way home from work he goes to the gym...just so you know.  He has a ton of different names and personalities he goes by. Quite the imagination.  I'm so blessed to be at home and see my babies develop into little people.

 Mess free painting. Thanks Pinterest!

 Playing with dry beans, pasta and containers. Who knew this would keep them busy for an hour. No fighting even.
 Sharing a snack
 My neighbor gave us a bouncer and the kids love it!
 Our boy has become quite the bowler. He got his first strike this day. He chucks the ball so hard I'm waiting for him to go flyng down the lane with it.
 And sis is his biggest fan!
 Enjoying the winter sunshine!

I realized it looks like my kids are always in pajamas. These picture we taken in the morning before I got my act together. Don't judge, you have days like that too! Right???

Also my spell check isn't working and spelling isn't my strong suit! So cut some slack if there are errors.