Monday, March 5, 2012

Big News Revealed

First off, I LOVE my car! The navigation is smarter than me, it's  faster than I need with almost the same horsepower as the suburban with half the weight and I love the pearly white with windows that are way too dark. The Big NEWS... RELOCATING THE FAM TO ARIZONA. I'm excited to say it! My wonderful, hard working husband (who is bored with job) was given a promotion with the company he has been working for, for almost 15 years. It will be a huge opportunity for him and as a stay-at-home mom I am blessed to have the job I do and I'm ecstatic to support him in his dreams! To me HOME is wherever my husband and kids are, I will be happy anywhere. Things are happening for a reason apparently. We had a few people interested in our house that we knew, they wanted first dibs before it went on the market. Before we put it on, the first person that saw it, wanted it. This happened last week, and we open escrow this week . We already found a house in Arizona. We actually found a few, Mesa/Gilbert area, brand new, currently being built. So hopefully they are still available next week once our house opens escrow. I found quite a few dream homes!!! I will be happy with any of them!  They are 3000 sqft single stories with a 3 car garage on 1/3 acre. SOLD! We will have plenty of room for visitors, so book your calender! Sneak peek at one of the houses we love, hopefully the one we get! Check out how blue the sky is, no smog.

the view across the street

                                                                        Keep your fingers crossed that we get this house!


Genn said...

Shelbie the house is gorgeous!
So glad you like your car.
So sad you will be moving.
But happy for you and Danny and this new adventure!

Kelly said...

Congratulations to Danny! I hope you get the house, it is beautiful. Good luck with this fun new adventure.