Sunday, March 11, 2012

We bought a casa!!!

We bought a house and I can't wait to make it our home!! It wasn't the one I showed you in the prior pictures, IT'S EVEN BETTER! This home was the 1st one we walked through when we went house hunting. Danny said right away "it's the most expensive, it's too big and  it's going to be too expensive for electricity in the summer." I was sad because it was love at first sight for me. The floor plan is amazing, my first thoughts were "this is the perfect entertaining house, even thought we will need to make friends in order to entertain, but soon enough." It's 4 bedrooms with a gigantic play room for the kids, a huge great room and a formal dining room that will have a pool table since the nook is large enough to seat 8. The great room has large windows that look into the majority of the backyard, which we hope to build a pool by next summer. It has a pantry (which I don't have now) and a laundry room large enough to fold and hang dry all of our clothes in it. (Danny's pet peeve is having clothes hang drying around the house) The closet is larger than my children's bedrooms currently. MY DREAM! Also has a courtyard between the front yard and front door that has 2 sliders, one from the play room, and one where we will eventually have a pool table that open up into the courtyard. It is also right behind the kids elementary school so we can walk. I looked at the schools ratings and they are 8's where the kids will go which is necessary! Back to Friday, we were going to make an offer on the other house and this one was still available. I talked to Danny about all the pros of this house over the other. And I got my way, we bought it. I don't want to sound like a spoiled brat because that's not how it went down. It wasn't a huge price difference each month and he is ecstatic about it now. We close escrow the first week of May. It's not finished being built but it will be in the next few weeks. I'm so grateful for Danny who works so hard to give the kids and I such an amazing life and I will continue to support him where ever his job takes us! As long as I'm with my little family I could live pretty much any where in the world.
It's been painted since we last saw it. Our realtor sent these to us.

Kitchen as of Friday

Front before paint

Pool table after the rest of the house is done

Great room

Looking from nook into great room

Part of the M.B.

Part of the closet

The other half of the closet. I know your going to jealous Genn and Val.

Part of the courtyard before it was painted.

Our address.

We will get an iron gate like this to lock out so the kids can play in the courtyard.


Genn said...

Wow Shelbie that is gorgeous!!
And you bet I am so jealous of that closet!!!!!!!! Oh my closet heaven.
I hope you will still blog when you live in AZ so we can stay in touch!
I'm happy for you guys. Looks like a great house.

ps- danny is a smart man. he knows the saying "happy wife, happy life" right? ;)

Shelbie Molnar said...

Of course I will blog, I will have to blog even more often or I will hear it from my mom. And yes he knows, if mamas not happy, nobody happy! :)

EJ said...

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Kelly said...

Wow, Shelbie its amazing! Congratulations on the new home.

Shelbie Molnar said...

Thanks guys, we're super excited!